DIY QUEER WEEK: Choose your own Adventure.
July 17 – July 23, 2015
Provincetown, MA USA

We created this web-page to share information. We will post information on the basic information to plan a trip to Provincetown on a budget. If you have something to add please post it in a comment.

Provincetown, MA is a the end of the earth- or at least the end of the Eastern USA.  It is a gathering place for strays of all kinds: artists, sailors and queers.

There are organized weeks in Provincetown celebrating different orientations and identities  (e.g. Bear Week, Women of Color Weekend, Leather Mates Weekend, + Fantasia Fair). We hope that DIY Queer week is a gathering of strands of the these weeks, with the addition of identities who fall betwixt and beyond.

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