Learning Is Difficult, Dreaming Is Even Harder

Learning Is Difficult, Dreaming Is Even Harder from J.R. Uretsky on Vimeo.

In “Learning Is Difficult, Dreaming Is Even Harder” artist and educator J.R. Uretsky embodies her childhood dream (and that of many others) to be a rock star, her secret adult fantasy to be an art star, and acts out her frustration with the higher education system by learning to play the drums live. And ultimately proving to us how difficult it is to fulfill a dream.

Uretsky will be joined by collaborator and drum instructor Rachel Blumberg who employs a teaching method that works drumbeats into a student’s body by using silly phrases. For this performance Uretsky has chosen phrases from the self-love affirmations she’s turned to after a frustrating adjuncting career.

During the performance once Uretsky successfully learns a phrase beat – “You are beau-ti-ful” – she’ll turn her drum kit over to a member of the audience for them to try another. “I am e-nough.”

The performance gives us all the permission to be loud, to hit hard, to take up space and to believe once again in our dreams. As Uretsky puts it, “Imagine how powerful we would be if self-love and affirmative language were also memorized by our skin, our muscles, our whole selves.” -Kate Gilbert, Curator

Performance, The Lawn on D 420 D St, Boston, MA, 2015, collaborator: Rachel Blumberg

Photo and Video Production: Cetra Media Studio