Women I’ve Known, Biblically

Women I’ve Known, Biblically is a series of autobiographical readings, videos and puppet performances that navigate the complexities of being a newly “out” queer woman. Each performance unites confessional storytelling with abstract objects meant to be worn and interact with the body. The objects I wear in my videos and performances are visually abstract. These costumes simultaneously veil my sex while exaggerating both masculine and feminine qualities of a new, created and monstrous body that is a combination of the sculpture and me. The amalgamation of my narratives and objects are characters that are both relatable and abstract. The pathos of these characters manifest in the stories being presented alongside the performing object. The stories, diaristic in nature, drift in and out of fiction and autobiography as they follow my awkward attempts at understanding women and my own sexuality.

The book of Rachael was first written in the earth with a dirty finger.  If you were to picture it you would see this finger stuck into some brown dust, circling.

Women I’ve Known, Biblically: The Book of Rachael from J.R. Uretsky on Vimeo.

I have always thought my mom was the most beautiful woman in the world. Madeleine L’Engle’s young heroines seem to exist in a space of doubt constantly wondering how they, in their itchy existence, came from such beautiful mothers.

Women I’ve Known, Biblically: The Book of K from J.R. Uretsky on Vimeo.

Star said that The Satan is someone you date who won’t commit but who also won’t leave you the hell alone.

I turned toward a puffy vest, “Kathryn, I think I’m The Satan.” She laughed and I panicked. The posse inquired, looking up at me from their empty plates. “I’m The Satan. I’m so sorry.”

Women I’ve Known, Biblically: The Book of The Satan from J.R. Uretsky on Vimeo.


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